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MAD® Grand Slam™ 4-Pack turkey call, turkey calls, diaphram, diapham calls, diaphram call, turkey diaphram calls turkey diaphram call, turkey,high frequency, frequency, high frequency diaphram call, MAD, grand slam 4-pack, pack
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Item #: MD-150 -

    If your looking for a package of calls to help you take the ever so difficult Grand Slam, look no further. Each cutt in MAD's Grand Slam 4-Pack is tailored specifically for each different sub-species of turkey.

    MAD® Closed Reed Howler predator, predator call, predator calls, calls, call, coyote call, coyote calls, coyote, closed reed, closed, howler, closed reed howler
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    Item #: MD-189 -

      MAD CLOSED REED HOWLER MAD Predator Call were designed by Champion Caller and hunter Tad Brown, these unique calls feature innovative horns and perfect tuning that will make any hunter sound like a pro!

      MAD® Cherry Hawk Screamer turkey call, turkey calls, locator calls, locator call, locator, turkey locator, turkey locator calls, hawk, hawk screamer, cherry hawk screamer, cherry
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        MAD® King Strut & Upright Hen Combo Pack mad king strut, upright hen, combo pack, turkey decoy combo, turkey combo, combo pack, turkey combo pack, king strut and hen combo, king trut and hen combo pack, MAD, MAD turkey combo, MAD turkey decoy
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        Item #: 5999KH -

          No decoy set up alone is as effective as the realism of a tom and hen pairing. Combining the MAD® King Strut and Upright Hen immitates the natural context of a strutting gobbler showing off for his hen. Includes: (1) Non-flocked MAD® King Strut and (1) Feather Flex® Turkey Hen Extreme realism Lightweight, foam construction Collapsible yet retains shape Includes stakes, synthetic beard and fantail

          MAD® Shady Baby Breeding Hen mad, turkey, decoys, turkey decoys, shady baby, shady baby hen, hen, turkey hen, turkey hen decoy,mad shady baby, mad shady baby breading hen, breeder, breeder hen, turkey breeder hen
          Price: $44.99
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          Item #: MD-705 -

            The Shady Baby Breeder is a must have for any decoy spread, used alone or coupled with a gobbler or jake decoy. The Shady Baby creates the urge to breed along with that fatal jealous/dominant response. Produced out of our compactible vinyl with a large stake hole in the back, a staked gobbler decoy can be placed through the hen into the ground to simulate breeding or the decoy can be placed on the ground alone. Magnet for mature toms seeking a receptive hen Extreme realism Lightweight, compact...

            MAD® Shady Baby Feeding Hen mad, shady baby, shady baby hen, shady baby feeding hen
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            Item #: MD-710 -

              The Shady Baby Feeder—arguably the most natural and relaxed position a turkey can be in. For years upright turkey decoys have been the norm but nothing says "safe" like the feeding position. When hen is feeding, all is right with the world and surrounding toms are instilled with the confidence to join them. Natural feeding position Complex, realistic paint scheme with aggressive detail Compactible, durable vinyl resin construction Includes universal stake ...

              MAD® Shady Baby Upright Hen MAD, turkey, turkey decoys, decoys, shady baby, mad shady baby, hen decoy, hen
              Price: $44.99
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              Item #: MD-700 -

                The Shady Baby Upright is the sexiest hen decoy on the market. She struts her stuff with a lightwieght, compact and collapsible design. A light breeze will provide great motion while she pivots and bobs on her universal decoy stake. The MAD® Shady Baby Upright Hen will steal that ol' gobblers heart and you'll steal his fan and spurs! Extreme realism Lightweight, compact design Collapsible yet retains shape Includes universal stake ...

                MAD® Smoky Baby Upright Hen turkey, decoy, turkey decoy, MAD, upright hen ,smoky baby, UVision, ultraviolet, smokey baby, hen decoy, mad smokey baby, mad smoky
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                Item #: MD-720 -

                  The MAD® Smoky Baby depicts the common "smoky gray" phase color variation. From a distance, turkeys in this phase appear white. When gobblers are seeking breeders in the wild, hens in the smoky gray phase draw the most immediate attention of a concupiscent tom. The Smoky Baby Upright Hen's visibility and realistic paint scheme is unmatched. Knowing that turkeys can see ultraviolet the signature in the plumage of live birds, MAD, using scientific research provided by Twilight...

                  MAD® Walking Tom mad, walking tom, mad walking tom decoy, tom decoy, turkey decoy, tom turkey decoy
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                  Item #: MD-715 -

                    Carved by renowned sculptor Rich Smoker to replicate an adult Tom turkey targeting around 18 lbs. The design behind this was to offer a decoy position that can be used to depict a mature non-intimidating Tom turkey. In a walking position, facing away from the expected approaching gobble, it will seem as though the bird is taking refuge from a dominant bird, giving him the added confidence to charge right into your set. The Walking Tom is also equipped with a beard grommet that allows the use...

                    MAD® Doe Bleat deer call, deer calls, deer, mad, doe, doe bleat, doe bleat call
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                    Item #: MD-502 -

                      The mouth blown bleat call allows the hunter to manipulate the call much more effectively than using the "can" calls. The Boss Babe Bleat has the capability to produce any bleat vocalization of a whitetail doe with a variety of tone control to coax the leariest of bucks in. A "must have" for any dedicated deer hunter's call arsenal. Easily produces the bleats of an estrus doe Offers a wider range of control than the typical "can" call ...

                      MAD® Boss Buck™ Grunt Call deer call, deer calls, deer, mad, grunt, deer grunt, deer grunt call, mad,"MAD","Deer Grunt," boss, boss buck grunt, buck grunt
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                      Item #: MD-501 -

                        The Boss Buck Grunt is the go-to rut call that easily produces the grunt, pop, or growl of a mature buck. Simple to operate and extremely effective, this call commands the attention of lurking bucks to lure them within range. Duplicates the deep grunt and a low tending grunt Produces extremely realistic vocalizations of a buck voice box Adjustable tube allows grunt tone variation Includes lanyard

                        MAD® Hyper Growl® deer, deer call, deer calls, growl, deer growl, buck growl, buck growl call, buck growl calls, hyper, hyper growl call, hyper growl,MAD,"MAD","Hyper Growl"
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                        Item #: MD-515H -

                          MAD's patent pending Hyper Growl is the next level in deer call innovation— a call body engineered to emulate the anatomical production of whitetail vocalizations. The addition of a "Hyper Ventilator Tube" to the air passage-way simulates a deer's nasal passage or nostrils, creating the most realistic deer sound ever replicated.Featuring a reed system that will not seize, no matter the volume of air used, the innovative design allows the hunter to simply block the end...