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Blade Krate - Spinnerbait / Chatterbait / Bladed Lures Storage | Flambeau Outdoors

Enter the Blade Krate, a specialized storage system designed to finally give the angler organization satisfaction for any arsenal of bladed, skirted, and inherently prone to tangle fish favorites. Featuring 21 Zerust-infused anti-corrosion plastic folders designed to hang 2 lures each via integrated clips, all hooks, skirts, and blades are individually protected and preserved in removable billfold-style clams for tangle-free storage. The Blade Krate offers organization for 42 bladed lures in a compact footprint spec'd to fit standard tackle bags and boat compartments. The simple, ergonomic filing cabinet design allows for modification to create up to 3 bulk storage compartments when a section of folders is removed for accompanying soft plastic trailers. The purpose-driven functionality of the Blade Krate conveniently reorganizes the angler's priorities: more time fishing and less time fussing with a tangled mess of hooks, blades, and skirts. The Blade Krate is BUILT TO FISH. BUILT TO LAST.™

Crank Bank - Crankbait / Jerkbait / Topwater Storage | Flambeau Outdoors

Keep your valuable hooks sharp and paint fresh one plug at a time. The Crank Bank's inventive system of 24 removable cups gives anglers fast access to individually stored and independently protected hard baits. Just pull, pour, and tie. The simple, effective cup format eliminates the risk of playing barrel-of-monkeys out on the water or catching a treble hook when fishing for the right plug. The cups are sized to fit and securely store hard lures commonly spec'd for the following diving depth classes: round-bill crankbaits (15 feet or less), square-bills (8 feet or less), and jerkbaits (6 feet or less). The Crank Bank isn't just a vault for precious crankbaits, it's a convenient and versatile storage solution for spooks, poppers, frogs, and other hard-sided baits outfitted with multiple hooks ready and willing to tangle. The Crank Bank is BUILT TO FISH. BUILT TO LAST.™

Extreme Anti-Rust Tackle Boxes - Zerust MAX Series | Flambeau Outdoors

There's a reason why the U.S military turned to Zerust-infused solutions to safely protect advanced weapon systems stored on the deck of naval ships during transoceanic voyages - uncompromising anti-corrosion protection for the harshest marine environments. The Zerust MAX Tuff Tainer line builds on our legacy as the pioneering force and industry leader in anti-corrosion tackle storage innovation to offer anglers an enhanced level of Zerust VCI vapor technology now impregnated directly into the entirety of each box. The result is unmatched rust prevention performance for years of protection in the most extreme environments. What's your tackle worth?

The Original Anti-Rust Tackle Solutions - Zerust Technology | Flambeau Outdoors

What is one thing professional angler Mike Iaconelli has to do to stay at the top of his game? Constantly develop new techniques. That always comes with its fair share of trial and error, but, when it comes to tackle storage, there’s no room for trial, error, or rust. As the original anti-corrosion tackle storage solutions with exclusive Zerust-infused VCI vapor technology, Flambeau’s Tuff Tainers keep IKE’s tackle rust-free so that he can keep his game and his hooks sharp for whichever technique will win the day.

Crappie Fishing – Speed and Ease: Bait Butler | Flambeau Outdoors

Flambeau Outdoors newest live bait retrieval system, the Bait Butler, was designed with speed and ease in mind. The Bait Butler saves you more time on the water when the crappie bite is hot. The Bait Butler is Built To Fish. Built To Last.

Kayak Fishing DIY Tackle Storage - Tuff Krate Premium | Flambeau Outdoors

Engineered for the yaker, not the milkman, the Tuff Krate optimizes the customization possibilities for secure tackle storage to enhance the liberty to fish. Crafted to be tailored, the potential is endless. Our definition is freedom from the norm by design. The name is no mistake, the Tuff Krate is Built to Fish. Built to Last.

Fetch Less, Fish More - Bait Butler | Flambeau Outdoors

The revolutionary new live bait retrieval system - the Bait Butler™ solves the #1problem of fishing with live bait: fishing for bait in order to bait the hook to fish. Yes, it's a mouthful. And a hassle. It shouldn't be. THE STRUGGLE STOPS HERE!

Organization Made Simple - Tuff Krate Premium | Flambeau Outdoors

Purposefully engineered for the yaker, not the milkman. the Tuff Krate™ optimizes the customization possibilities for secure tackle organization and mounted accessory fixtures to enhance the freedom to fish.

How to Assemble - Tuff Krate | Flambeau Outdoors

Flambeau Outdoors presents the newest tackle storage system allowing kayaker anglers to stay organized on the water. This Instructional Video will show how to properly assemble the Tuff Krate Standard and Tuff Krate Premium.

Inventor Mark Schaefbauer’s Vision - Bait Butler Tech Video | Flambeau Outdoors

Flambeau Outdoors presents a behind the scenes look into the mind of the new revolutionary live bait storage system, the Bait Butler.

Anti-Corrosion Technology Time Lapse - Zerust Tech | Flambeau Outdoors

Dare to compare the power of Flambeau's anti-corrosion technology. Watch how quickly precious tackle can turn to junk when it's not protected from one of nature's most damaging forces in this eight-day progression video displaying the real-time protection of fishing tackle in a Flambeau Tuff Tainer with Zerust anti-corrosion technology. When it comes to the elements anglers face, keeping tackle ready for the action and protected from corrosion comes down to the advantage of Zerust. What is your tackle worth? Preserve. Perform. Repeat.