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Crank Bank - Crankbait / Jerkbait / Topwater Storage | Flambeau Outdoors

Keep your valuable hooks sharp and paint fresh one plug at a time. The Crank Bank's inventive system of 24 removable cups gives anglers fast access to individually stored and independently protected hard baits. Just pull, pour, and tie. The simple, effective cup format eliminates the risk of playing barrel-of-monkeys out on the water or catching a treble hook when fishing for the right plug. The cups are sized to fit and securely store hard lures commonly spec'd for the following diving depth classes: round-bill crankbaits (15 feet or less), square-bills (8 feet or less), and jerkbaits (6 feet or less). The Crank Bank isn't just a vault for precious crankbaits, it's a convenient and versatile storage solution for spooks, poppers, frogs, and other hard-sided baits outfitted with multiple hooks ready and willing to tangle. The Crank Bank is BUILT TO FISH. BUILT TO LAST.™

Gunning For Green - A Flambeau Outdoors Original Film

The success of a hunt is measured by the quality of the memories made when you migrate to new waters. From big water mud flats pocked with elk tracks to flooded timber and winding river currents, an unexpected early season journey to Idaho to hunt public land greenheads over Flambeau Gunning Series decoys tested the mettle of the waterfowling spirit, the versatility of the gear, and the persistence of the workingman waterfowler.

Gunning Series Tech Video

Flambeau Outdoors presents the patent-pending technology that makes the new Gunning Series decoys swim like real ducks! Modeled after the heritage carving concept of simplicity and efficiency once based on the real anatomy of ducks, the Gunning Series puts back into the modern decoy the hand-carved originality of a rounded bottom with the paramount feature that had become absent in the evolution of decoy designs over the years—the gunning style keel.

Flambeau Gunning Series | The Duck Carver

The tradition of duck carving still holds true in the world of Flambeau duck decoys. Award-winning carver Tom Christie takes us on the journey of carving the new Gunning Series.

Exclusive UVision Technology

At Flambeau, we've built a waterfowling legacy through decades of innovation and a dedication to REALISM THAT GETS RESULTS. During the migration, ducks see it all -- every conceivable attempt at a convincing spread. What the birds come to trust and deem safe is the reassuring ultraviolet signature of live waterfowl.

Flambeau Zerust Stops Rust

Flambeau Outdoors offers the rust and corrosion protection of Zerust®, an exclusive material which emits a harmless, odorless vapor which fills the inside of our Zerust storage boxes and forms a protective layer around metal objects during storage.

Bait Butler - Live Bait Retrieval System

The revolutionary new live bait retrieval system - the Bait Butler™ solves the #1 problem of fishing with live bait: fishing for bait in order to bait the hook to fish. Yes, it's a mouthful. And a hassle. It shouldn't be. THE STRUGGLE STOPS HERE! In stores December 2018.

Flambeau Tuff Krate

Purposefully engineered for the yaker, not the milkman. the Tuff Krate™ optimizes the customization possibilities for secure tackle organization and mounted accessory fixtures to enhance the freedom to fish. The Tuff Krate is offered in two models, the Basic and Premium krate. The Premium model (featured in the video) includes both the upper lid for extra storage and two rod holders to assist in your next fishing adventure. The Basic model excludes the storage lid and rod holders. The Tuff Krate by Flambeau allows for more versatility on and off the water!

Flambeau Zerust Anti-Corrosion Technology - Preserve. Perform. Repeat.

Dare to compare the power of Flambeau's anti-corrosion technology. Watch how quickly precious tackle can turn to junk when it's not protected from one of nature's most damaging forces in this eight-day progression video displaying the real-time protection of fishing tackle in a Flambeau Tuff Tainer with Zerust anti-corrosion technology. When it comes to the elements anglers face, keeping tackle ready for the action and protected from corrosion comes down to the advantage of Zerust. What is your tackle worth?