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Double Coverage Rifle Case | Flambeau Outdoors

The advanced, heavy-duty blow molded design features an air pocket between two HDPE hard shell walls with strategically placed anti-crush support studs for twice the firearm protection in a rugged, midweight, grab-and-go case.

Range Locker HD Pistol Case | Flambeau Outdoors

The benchmark in heavy-duty pistol protection, the Range Locker safeguards firearms from any hostile elements encountered on a trip to the range and beyond. Built in the U.S.A to rigorous specs, this rugged-and-ready polymer case is armed to protect.

Zerust Infused Cases | Flambeau Outdoors

Take your firearm afield with Flambeau’s exclusive anti-corrosion Zerust® technology now infused directly into these popular lightweight cases for an unsurpassed level of comprehensive protection against rust. Any firearm stored in the Zerust® Infused gun cases are immediately exposed to an odorless, invisible, FDA-safe volatile corrosion inhibiting (VCI) vapor that internally emanates from the proprietary resin mixture of the plastic. As soon as the firearm is placed in the case, the vapor begins actively coating all metal components to form a protective molecular shield that stops rust before it can start. The result is a hassle-free, effortless rust preventative measure for any bared surface of a gun, including concealed parts like trigger control groups that are hard to reach without disassembly or areas best left untreated by oil or lubricant. These fully-infused cases offer a minimum of 5-year anti-rust safeguarding in even the most humid or damp environments to keep your firearms unblemished and preserved when stored up. Flambeau’s Zerust-infused cases provide firearm owners the best protection of today for the performance of tomorrow.

Molded American Passion - Zerust Gun Cases | Flambeau Outdoors

Outdoorsmen experience a variety of conditions while in the field. Adapting to the conditions and having the right tools to adjust is important to being successful. Flambeau's gun cases with patent Zerust anti-corrosion technology gives you the upper hand in varying conditions. Keep your firearms rust-free for many hunts to come. PRESERVE. PERFORM. REPEAT.