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Big River Calls Painted Lady
Price: $42.75
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Item #: BR492 -

    The Painted Lady is a diamondwood double reed. This call produces some serious volume! An amazing call for windy days when you have to really get on the call to get their attention. "This call produces some extreme volume, yet is really ducky. It has really changde how I call ducks. I am truly able to command the ducks with this call vs. calling at them. When I hit them with this call, they react and that puts more birds in my bag everyday". Zack Rednour Flambeau Field Sales and...

    Big River Calls Long Honker Goose Flute
    Price: $34.99
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    Item #: BR189 -

      Revered as the easiest blowing goose call on the market. Like the anatomy of a goose neck, the long tone channel enriches the natural deep, hollow sound of a Canada's call as air pressure passes through the length of the flute. The Long Honker specializes in easily sung voluminous honks and rich single or triple clucks. Dipped in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades for a natural blend over a coat jacket because this big boy will be kept out and on-the-ready for hailing honkers. Easy to...