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MAD's patent pending Hyper Growl is the next level in deer call innovation— a call body engineered to emulate the anatomical production of whitetail vocalizations. The addition of a "Hyper Ventilator Tube" to the air passage-way simulates a deer's nasal passage or nostrils, creating the most realistic deer sound ever replicated.

Featuring a reed system that will not seize, no matter the volume of air used, the innovative design allows the hunter to simply block the end of the main air flow tube in order to create perfect snort-wheezes through the Hyper Ventilator Tube without removing air supply from the call. In essence, both grunts and snort-wheezes can be produced in a single breath. This deadly combination allows the hunter to reach out and grab that monster buck with the loudest, most realistic calling sequences ever achieved.

By studying the anatomy of whitetail deer, MAD engineers incorporated the nasal/vocal equivalency of the deer into this patent pending call. The actual nasal chamber whitetails use to create their snort and wheeze vocalizations is assimilated, as well as deep guttural grunts and growls. Not only are the Grunt and Snort Wheeze components connected externally, they also internally share the same air flow. Either or both passages of the Hyper Growl's Hyper Ventilator Tube (nasal cavity) can be plugged with the callers hand to add tone inflections by altering the air flow, producing growls and/or snort-wheeze sounds in seconds. The call can also be operated without any manipulation for superior volume on windy, blustery days. BE A MAD MAN.

  • Patent pending design modeled after the anatomy of the whitetail nasal cavity
  • Produces growls, grunt, snorts and wheezes sequences with a single breath
  • Exceptional soft tending grunts and greeting pops
  • Easily manipulated tone inflections and volume control
  • Includes lanyard
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