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Lohman® Owl Call turkey call, turkey calls, locator calls, locator call, locator, turkey locator, turkey locator calls, owl, owl call, owl calls
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Item #: MD-411 -

    The MAD Owl Call will emit high-pitched screams of the Barred Owl as well as the low pitched ?Who cooks for you?who cooks for you all? series of notes so popular with today?s turkey hunters. The MAD Owl is so easy to use and realistic that even the wariest of gobblers can?t help but sound off and give away their location. "Be a MAD® Man." Classic owl call design Mid to long range volume Easy-to-use and field proven Made in the U.S.A. ...

    Lohman® Crow Call turkey call, turkey calls, locator calls, locator call, locator, turkey locator, turkey locator calls, crow, crow call, crow calls
    Price: $8.99
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    Item #: MD-410 -

      The MAD® Crow Call is designed to fool two of the wisest birds of all—the crow and turkey. The CAW is the basic sound of crows and can be produced by exhaling a short breath of air while humming the word "HAW." "Be a "MAD® Man." Classic crow call design Long range locator great for breezy days Easy-to-use and field proven Made in the U.S.A.

      Replacement Turkey Fan mad turkey fan; mad fan; turkey fan; strut fan
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      Item #: 5661FT -

        A photo-realistic fan on nylon fabric that reacts to sunlight and wind like a real turkey fan. Use it as a replacement for the full strut tail fan on your Flambeau King Strutter decoy or use it individually to "fan" and catch the attention of a distant gobbler, fooling him into thinking a rival is infringing on his hens.

        MAD® Max Blind Mossy Oak® Break-Up™ MAD, mad, Mad, MAD MAX, Blind, poratable blind, Deer, turkey, predator, hunting, gift for dad, gift for hunter, run and gun, shoot and run, hunter, camo, camoflage, flambeau outdoors, flambeau, flambu, flambo, shooting stick, portable hunting,"MAD","MAD MAX"
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        Item #: MD-480 -

          The MAD® MAX Blind system innovatively combines a shooting stick system and blind into one. The carry-light design allows mobile hunters to post up where cover is otherwise unavailable.Die-cut Mossy Oak Break-Up camo blind material covers the expandable shooting sticks, making a hunter sitting on the ground virtually invisable. The strength of the internal rods against the fabric creates a taught, rigid setup resembling a shield and instantaneously provides cover as well as a built-in...

          MAD® Shooters Aid Shooters Aid, Shooting Aid, Shooters rest, gun rest, shooting, mad shooters aid, aid
          Price: $22.50
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          Item #: MD-500 -

            One of hunting's best innovations in years! The MAD® Shooter's Aid keeps your gun shouldered while your hands are free to work the call and close that crucial distance. The Shooter's Aid erases the age-old dilemma every hunter experiences during the most vital moments of a hunt: do I give up calling to ready my gun and risk the game stopping it's approach or do I continue to call to bring it in close but risk spooking it as I maneuver to shoulder my gun? With the help of the Shooter's Aid,...

            Flambeau Chameleon Face Mask flambeauoutdoors,turkey, turkey hunting, turkey accessories, turkey geer, face, face mask, chameleon face mask
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            Item #: MD-605 -

              The Chameleon is likely the most comforatable design face mask on the market. Designed to be worn in conjunction with a hat, all you simply have to do is pull the mask up over the back of your cap and it will stay in place all day. Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity pattern

              MAD® Turkey Tote mad, turkey tote, mad turkey tote
              Price: $13.39
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              Item #: MD-510 -

                The MAD Turkey Tote is made up of neoprene construction and is designed to help carry out your longbread. The turkey easily straps over your shoulder and locks on to the turkey feet for easy toting of your trophy. Supports at least 30 lbs. Reversible: Mossy Oak®: Obsession™ / blaze orange