Protect Your Investment With Flambeau Zerust – What Is Your Tackle Worth?

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We all have more money tied up in fishing gear than we would like to admit – protect your investment from rust and corrosion with your favorite Flambeau products incorporating the patented and proven Zerust technology.

The squalls were unrelenting that morning with Mother Nature sweeping fishermen off the river from straight-line winds and sideways rain. We could not leave, however, as the walleyes were feeding, and I was loving every minute of the struggle.


With my hood cinched like a porthole to keep water from leaking down my neck, that solid tug on my rod tip meant one of two things, either a big feeder held deep, or I snagged again on one of the numerous boulders or sunken trees. The river current pulled the boat hard and “snap!” . . . I lost another jig, lodged on a rock this time.

I balanced my feet on the waving boat, reached down and unlatched my Flambeau tackle bag for another orange jig head. Losing hooks was a regular occurrence on the river, and with the rain my Tuff Tainer boxes were drenched inside and out every time I opened went to reload.

After the day, I literally dumped out my gear to dry it out. Naturally, I started worrying about corrosion from the extreme elements, and trust me, I personally know corrosion. My grandpa gave me an old metal stringer when I was a budding angler, a tool that is now over 30 years old with latches rusted solid. But with all the fishing memories tied to that stringer, I will never throw it away.

If you fish hard, this rust would happen to all of your gear if you did not take proper care and precaution. We all have more money tied up in fishing gear than we would like to admit, but you can protect your investment from corrosion with your favorite Flambeau products incorporating the patented and proven Zerust technology, a savior for the future of anglers who care about their gear.

Zerust is a patented VCI polymer technology molded directly into Flambeau plastic components that provides up to five years of hassle-free, long-lasting rust and corrosion protection. Zerust-infused plastics emit an odorless, harmless vapor in a contained area to naturally form a protective layer around exposed, clean, and dry metal surfaces to prevent oxidation-reduction to stop rust.


Test Results: Tackle dipped in saltwater. Rinsed with freshwater. Left in the bed of a pickup exposed to the elements for 30 days.

“You can’t see it, you can’t smell it, you can’t taste it (and neither can the fish), but the power behind that invisible Zerust vapor is something to behold when it comes to what it is capable of in terms of negating such a mighty force of nature – corrosion,” said Flambeau Marketing Manager Charlie Puckett”

Zerust protection can be found throughout almost all of Flambeau’s products for fishing and marine uses, including but not limited to the Tuff Tainers and soft side lines, particularly the Ritual and Portage Series tackle bags. Diligent fisherman can also purchase Zerust Plaques, sold separately, for their current tackle systems. These products serve to protect, built to safeguard your investments from the elements both inside and out.

“It’s impossible to completely prevent rust without going through complicated treatment procedures that ultimately aren’t justifiable when it comes to fishing tackle,” Puckett continued. “As precious and essential as our tackle may be for the single-minded purpose of catching fish, that metal gear has to be exposed to the two main ingredients of corrosion - oxygen and moisture - in order to start landing fish. Some rust is always inevitable in certain conditions. What it comes down to is tackle management and maintenance. What we give the angler with Zerust is the simplest, easiest method for protecting the valuable tools of the passion from turning to useless junk by slowing and controlling the growth of rust. That’s something invaluable when we’re talking about valuable tackle.”

If you fish hard through all of the elements like me and could have bought that coveted sports car with the money you have spent on fishing gear over the years, protecting that investment with Flambeau’s Zerust is a must.


Matt Soberg learned to fish and hunt from his father and grandfather in Minnesota. He earned his juris doctorate degree in 2005, is currently the director of communications for the Ruffed Grouse Society, and freelances for numerous fish/hunt publications and websites. You can normally find him afield teaching his seven-year-old son the ways of the north waters and woods.