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The MAD® Smoky Baby depicts the common "smoky gray" phase color variation. From a distance, turkeys in this phase appear white. When gobblers are seeking breeders in the wild, hens in the smoky gray phase draw the most immediate attention of a concupiscent tom. The Smoky Baby Upright Hen's visibility and realistic paint scheme is unmatched.

Knowing that turkeys can see ultraviolet the signature in the plumage of live birds, MAD, using scientific research provided by Twilight Laboratories, has implemented patented UVision paint technology into the paint scheme of the decoy to bring unparalleled realism that will help tip the scales in the hunter's favor during the hunt.

  • Extreme realism
  • Lightweight, durable vinyl resin construction
  • Collapsible yet retains shape
  • Includes universal stake
Price: $44.99


    Undetectable to the human eye, waterfowl feathers naturally reflect UV light to produce a living signature that inflight ducks and geese use to evaluate the authentic "safety" of a potential landing zone. Flambeau's patented UV paint replicates this ultra-violet reflection of live waterfowl plumage to use avian biology in the hunter's favor. Exclusive to Flambeau decoys, nothing outperforms the science of UVision technology to decoy more birds season after season, hunt after hunt. Let science seal the deal.

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