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We have always believed that if you cannot improve upon an existing product, you do not have to build another one. We also believe that we have improved the box calls by developing the The HAMMER. The combination of walnut and poplar allow this box to reproduce a full range of high pitched turkey sounds. The uniquely designed hammer handle guarantees even the first-time caller perfect sounds with every stroke. This call allows a wide variety of calls, from soft tree yelps to hammering cutts and yelps. Drop the The HAMMER on one!

  • Wide variety of tone-rich soft yelps to hammering cutts and high-end yelps
  • One-sided box call
  • Handcrafted walnut lid and poplar box
  • Easy-to-manipulate "Hammer" handle
  • Hand tuned
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Price: $34.65

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