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One of hunting's best innovations in years! The MAD® Shooter's Aid keeps your gun shouldered while your hands are free to work the call and close that crucial distance. The Shooter's Aid erases the age-old dilemma every hunter experiences during the most vital moments of a hunt: do I give up calling to ready my gun and risk the game stopping it's approach or do I continue to call to bring it in close but risk spooking it as I maneuver to shoulder my gun? With the help of the Shooter's Aid, you can now call up until the last second and quickly put the game in your sights with minimal movement. Use the aid with the MAD® Max Blind for a deadly combination of concealment, comfort and efficiency.

  • Keeps your gun properly shouldered but your hands free to call, glass, etc.
  • Reduces fatigue and assists accuracy
  • Removeable 2-piece construction
  • Non-slip rubber support pad
  • Fits all standard shotgun or rifle buttstocks
Price: $22.50

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