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Hatched in 1984 as waterfowlings modern 20" big-water block, soon favored for its visibility through thick timber canopies, and then preferred for commanding attention on swollen river oxbows, the original Super Magnum's famed reputation is as epic as its proportions.

Large but lightweight, atypical in size but realistic in form, the legacy durability and historical effectiveness remains unchanged for today's waterfowler. Set your spread apart with the added horsepower of the original Super Magnum Mallard.


Includes: 3 Drakes, 3 Hens

  • 20" Overall length
  • Lightweight, proprietary hard resin construction for rugged durability
  • New and improved detailed paint schemes with reinforced adhesion
  • Features Flambeau's exclusive, patented UVision paint technology that mimics the ultraviolet signature of a live mallard for enhanced realism
  • Original trapezoidal keel with forward tie-off point
  • Creates an intensified wake when deployed on a jerk rig
Price: $85.49