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Item #: 402HD-T
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Product Size: 7.5" L x 5.12" W x 2.17" D

HD Tuff Boxes provide heavy-duty, weatherproof protection for your valuables, personal electronics and anything else that needs to be stowed away and protected from the elements. A rubber liner infused with Zerust® technolgy provides additional protection against rust and corrosion from moisture, making the HD Tuff Box suitable for long-term storage of metal tools or sensitive gear and gadgets in need of uncompromising, hard-line protection.

  • Polycarbonate construction for maximum durability
  • Zerust infused internal rubber bumper reduces shock and muffles sound
  • Clear lid with rubber seal keeps water out* and contents viewable
  • Pressure release screw
  • Includes lanyard and carabiner clip
Price: $16.26

    *Not designed to guarantee waterproof qualities when fully submersed for extended periods of time.
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