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Item #: WP5015FD
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Product Dimensions: 14” L x 8.89” W x 1.7” H

Compartments: 28 Compartments / 24 Dividers

  • DIVIDED LOADOUT: Increased storage customization capabilities
  • SLIM BUILD: Features the standard 5000/3700 length/width dimension with a slimmer belt line of 1.7" depth (vs 2.125" depth)
  • HEAVY LIFTER: Built tough to burden a heavy load and protect valuable tackle with anti-migration ribbing and a waterproof gasket
  • ZERUST ANTI-CORROSION TECHNOLOGY: Directly infused into each divider, Zerust® VCI vapor technology provides years of effortless rust prevention

Flambeau Outdoors’s new Slim Waterproof Tuff Tainer series features the same 5000/3700 length and width dimensions for prevailing bag and boat compartment compatibility but now with a slimmer belt line (1.7” depth) and 50% more compartments for maximized utilization. The Fully Divided “FD” model features 28 compartments with 24 dividers for increased storage customization capabilities versus the standard WP5005 model with 28 compartments and 24 dividers. Additional features include anti-migration ribbing, waterproof construction, 3 Drawtite™ cam-over latches, and Zerust®-infused dividers for anti-corrosion protection.

Flambeau's exclusive Zerust® anti-corrosion technology is a VCI polymer molded directly into the dividers that provides years of hassle-free, long-lasting protection by emitting an odorless, harmless vapor in a contained area to actively form a protective layer around exposed, clean metal surfaces to stop rust.

Price: $16.99