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Custom exotic African mahogany short-reed call with true heritage tone.

The premium African mahogany construction refines the exceptional Big River tone that was designed to lock down the attention of honkers rolling in the wind over a stormy Chesapeake Bay. The Barrel Roll sings on an old school note that is alive with the heritage of unparalleled realism, reliability, and versatility for the rich, irresistible honks and clucks that ring true.

  • Short-reed
  • African mahogany two-piece construction
  • Deep, rich-bodied tone with a rapid-response reed that breaks over under minimal pressure without sacrificing the range of guttural notes for complex calling sequences
  • Proudly hand-tuned and made in the U.S.A.

Big River® calls hail from a rich waterfowl heritage of custom Mississippi Alluvial Valley craftsmanship. Specializing in hand-tuned premium calls, the Big River line features classic and contemporary designs tailored in the tradition of characteristic quality and constitution.

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