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Our banner decoy series takes its name after the most anticipated phenomenon of the waterfowl season—the arrival of fresh birds with a storm front. Carved by renowned master carvers Tom Christie, Dave Van Lanen and Rich Smoker, Storm Front 2 decoys are a deadly fusion of what the birds need and the hunter demands—unsurpassed realism and unequivocal durability. From a proprietary polymer blend for "battleship" longevity in the field to the ultra-visible, ultra-violet and ultra-effective use of UVision paint technology, the Storm Front 2 series has duping the geese season after season down to a perfect science.

Includes: (1) Feeding LEFT, (1) Feeding RIGHT, (1) Feeding Straight, (1) Resting, (1) Active Walker and (1) Tall Sentry

  • Flocked heads
  • Patented UVision paint technology (see Technology Details below)
  • High-definition paint scheme
  • Full size (24")
  • Rotational heads
  • Keyhole motion stand design offers 40-degrees wind activated rotation or fixed in a locked position
  • Includes (6) heavy-duty powder-coated steel stands
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    Undetectable to the human eye, waterfowl feathers naturally reflect UV light to produce a living signature that inflight ducks and geese use to evaluate the authentic "safety" of a potential landing zone. Flambeau's patented UV paint replicates this ultra-violet reflection of live waterfowl plumage to use avian biology in the hunter's favor. Exclusive to Flambeau decoys, nothing outperforms the science of UVision technology to decoy more birds season after season, hunt after hunt. Let science seal the deal.

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