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Based on a carving by award winning sculptor Chris Schiller, the Boss Babe is a buck magnet. Featuring a sturdy, ultra-realistic posture and true-to-life size, rutting bucks—from little baskets to chandelier Booners—come running to investigate and will even circle and mount. The Boss Babe can be used alone or as the perfect compliment to the Boss Buck to simulate a peak of the rut courtship.

  • Secure leg attachment design features threaded legs posts and locking lug nuts
  • Legs, head and ears fit into the body cavity for easy transportation or storage
  • Includes (2) sets of ears: submissive and alert
  • Peg on rear leg for attaching scent pads
Price: $162.16

    Decoy Dimensions:
    • Nose to tail: 41"
    • Tip of ear to ground: 44"
    • Body width at widest point: 11.5"
    • Shoulder to ground: 32"
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