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Item #: 7004R
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Product Dimensions: 16.5" L x 9.75" W x 3.25" D

Compartments: 16 (Includes 9 Zerust® dividers)

  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

The foundation of Flambeau tackle storage—the Tuff Tainer® with patented anti-corrosion Zerust protection infused into the dividers.

Price: $13.49


    What is Zerust®?

    A patented VCI polymer technology molded directly into specific Flambeau plastics that provides years of hassle-free, long-lasting rust and corrosion protection. Learn more: Zerust® FAQ

    How does Zerust® work?

    Zerust-infused plastics emit an odorless, harmless vapor in a contained area to naturally form a protective layer around exposed, clean metal surfaces to prevent oxidation-reduction and stop rust and corrosion.

    Catalog Number 7004R
    Stock Number 6573HM
    Blue Diamond N
    Special Order N
    Express Service N
    Packaging Type Each
    Carton Quantity 6
    Compartments 07/16/09
    Product Color Clear
    Product Material ZeRust®
    Inside Dimensions (inches) 15 1/4" x 8 7/8" x 3"
    Inside Dimensions (cm) 38.74 x 22.54 x 7.62 cm
    Outside Length (inches) 0
    Outside Width (inches) 0
    Outside Depth (inches) 0
    Outside Length (cm) 0
    Outside Width (cm) 0
    Outside Depth (cm) 0
    Inside Width (inches) 8.875
    Inside Length (inches) 15.25
    Inside Depth (inches) 3
    Inside Width (cm) 0
    Inside Length (cm) 0
    Inside Depth (cm) 0
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