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MAD® Glassinator glassinator, turkey call, pot call, pot calls,MAD glasinator,"MAD","Glassinator",mad
Price: $15.34
Availability: In Stock
Item #: MD-390 -

    High frequency that will break glass and be heard for miles. The MAD® Glassinator will find that ole' gobbler and bring him right to you!

    MAD® Super Resinator mad, mad super resinator, mad super resinator call, turkey, turkey call, turkey pot call,
    Price: $17.21
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: MD-305 -

      The M.A.D. Resinator Pot Turkey Call's innovative resin striking surface is easily conditioned and offers a soft striking surface for high-frequency, long range turkey calling. Includes hickory striker.

      MAD® Super Slate mad, turley call, turkey call, turkey, slate, slate call, slate turkey call, mad super slate
      Price: $23.40
      Availability: In Stock
      Item #: MD-331 -

        MAD Super Slate is a continuation of the famous MAD Super Series of fine Friction Calls.

        MAD® Turkey Tote mad, turkey tote, mad turkey tote
        Price: $13.39
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: MD-510 -

          The MAD Turkey Tote is made up of neoprene construction and is designed to help carry out your longbread. The turkey easily straps over your shoulder and locks on to the turkey feet and allows you to easily carry out your bird.

          MAD® Shady Baby Upright Hen MAD, turkey, turkey decoys, decoys, shady baby, mad shady baby, hen decoy, hen
          Price: $47.03
          Availability: In Stock
          Item #: MD-700 -

            The Shady Baby Upright Hen is the sexiest, most extreme, realistic hen decoy on the market today. She struts her stuff with lightwieght, compact and collapsible design while maintaining her hen-like figure! That light breeze will provide great motion while she pivots nad bobs on her universal decoy stake. The MAD® Shady Baby Upright Hen will steal that ol' gobblers heart and you'll steal his fan and spurs!

            MAD® Man Kit Mad, MAD, M.A.D., Black hat, beanie, mens hat, winter hat, hyper growl, doe bleat, deer call, hunting packs, gifts for him, Christmas gifts for him, hunting gifts, hunting gift sets, hunting calls, realistic deer calls, realistic buck call, realistic doe call, buck hyper growl, mad hat, mad beanie, hunting hat, hunting kit, fathers day gifts, hunter, hunting, flambeau, flambo, flambu, flambeau outdoors, flambeau hunting,
            Price: $38.02
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: MD-69 -

              This MAD Kit includes everything you need for a successful hunt. With a Mad extremely warm fleece black beanie to stay warm, to our Hyper Growl, and Doe Bleat. The Hyper Growl creates the most realistic deer sounds ever recorded, and the Doe Bleat easily produces the bleats of an estrus doe. The all in one kit to get that Buck or Doe you've been waiting on.

              MAD® R.I.P Stroker mad,mad rip stroke, rip stroker, turkey call, push button call, egg call
              Price: $23.00
              Availability: In Stock
              Item #: MD-399 -

                A waterproof push button type yelper designed with high frequency calling in mind to cut those adverse conditions. Realistic hen talk gobblers cannot resist!

                MAD® R.I.P Yelper mad, mad rip yelper,r.i.p,turkey calls, turkey
                Price: $23.00
                Availability: In Stock
                Item #: MD-398 -

                  Designed by 2X Grand National Champion Ricky Bishop, each call is built to Ricky's rigorous specifications.

                  MAD® Walking Tom mad, walking tom, mad walking tom decoy, tom decoy, turkey decoy, tom turkey decoy
                  Price: $56.11
                  Availability: In Stock
                  Item #: MD-715 -

                    The Walking Tom is a new position inspired by Mark Drury. We had renowned sculptor Rich Smoker sculpt an adult Tom turkey targeting an 18 lb. bird. The position is that of a bird walking. Marks thinking is that this position can be used to depict a mature non-intimidating Tom turkey. In a walking position facing away from the expected approaching target Tom it will seem the bird is taking refuge from the approaching dominant bird giving him the added confidence to charge right into your set....

                    MAD® Shady Baby Breeding Hen mad, turkey, decoys, turkey decoys, shady baby, shady baby hen, hen, turkey hen, turkey hen decoy,mad shady baby, mad shady baby breading hen, breeder, breeder hen, turkey breeder hen
                    Price: $45.09
                    Availability: In Stock
                    Item #: MD-705 -

                      The MAD® Shady Baby Breeding Hen is heer to steal that ol' toms heart. She is set in an enticing bredding position. Molded out of durable lightweight vinyl resin she is collapsible but maintains her shape. The MAD® Shady Baby Breeding Hen is a magnet for Toms searching for a receptive hen!

                      MAD® R.I.P Growl "MAD","R.I.P Growl", rip growl, mad growl, deer call, whitetail call, whitetail growl, mad call, R.I.P., R.I.P. growl
                      Price: $23.09
                      Availability: In Stock
                      Item #: MD-525 -

                        MAD® continues its legacy as the leader in whitetail vocalizations and deer call innovation with the MAD RIP Growl. Copied by all but duplicated by none, the RIP Growl is no exception. Based on the natural nasal/vocal make-up of a whitetail deer, we have produced yet another call that will emit the most realistic and natural whitetail vocals.No other call on the market combines an anatomically reflective nasal and vocal cavity that will process the volume of air of an actual whitetail deer...

                        Mark Drurys MAD® Man Cutter mark drury, mad man cutter, cutter, mouth call, mout, diaphragm call, Turkey call, Turkey hunting, Flambeau, Flambo, Flambu, Hunting, Spring turkey, V cut, Billy Yargus, Reed cutter call, MAD, Mad man, turkey,
                        Price: $9.00
                        Availability: In Stock
                        Item #: MD-285 -

                          The MAD MAN Cutter is 6-Time world Champion Turkey Caller Mark Drury's Favorite cut! Designed by Mark and hand built by Grand National Champion Billy Yargus, this call is the Best of the Best. The MAD Man Cutter is a 2.5 reed inverted V cutter call that has the capability of combining the sweet yelp of a cutter call with the raspiness of a "V" cut call. This very universal call has the ability to produce soft clucks and purr, yet cutts like crazy when you need to be aggressive.