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Hand-crafted by 2x Grand National Champion Ricky Joe Bishop, this tri-pack combines 3 of his most popular mouth calls to give any turkey hunter a complete arsenal to dupe even the wisest gobblers. Comprised of .004 latex, the 3 different cuts give the experienced caller unparalleled mimicry while still maintaining user-friendly tone control for any beginner. Carry all 3 in the field to easily swap from high pitched cutts to yelps or raspy cackles to purrs and quickly draw a talkative tom in danger close.

    Includes (3) calls:

  • Call #1: A double reed with a "cutter cut" for those high pitched yelps, clucks, and cuts.
  • Call #2: A double reed with an inverted V cut for a range of raspy yelps, cackles, and cuts.
  • Call #3: A simple, all-occasion, side-notched call for producing subtle yelps, clucks, and purrs.
  • Hand-made in the U.S.A. by 2x NWTF Grand National Calling Champion Ricky Joe Bishop
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