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MAD® Hatchet™ Box Call turkey call, turkey calls, box, box call, box calls, turkey box call, turkey box calls, hatchet, hatchet box, hatchet box call
Price: $28.17
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Item #: MD-320 -

    Easier to use than a push button call and just as realistic as a box call. This little pocket call fits in the palm of your hand is perfect for those close calling situations when the distance of 20 yards means the difference between pulling the trigger and a missed opportunity. MAD® "Be a MAD Man." Operate with one hand Soft yelps, cutts, cackles, clucks and putts Purple Heart hatchet striker and mahogany sound board

    MAD® Bang Box™ Box Call "Bang Box",turkey, turkey call, call, box call, mad
    Price: $33.42
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    Item #: MD-389 -

      The MAD Bang Box is a continuation of the Boom Box style box call in a mini long-box configuration. Constructed of American hardwoods, the solid poplar body with a cherry lid allows the user to really bang out the notes. This call produces some of the nicest hen talk achievable. The longer box and handle have more striking surface for a larger range of vocalizations and the longer, narrower frame allows for louder high pitched yelps, cutts and cackles that go the distance. Made here in the...

      MAD® Shady Lady Box Call turkey call, turkey calls, box, box call, box calls, turkey box call, turkey box calls, Shady Lady Box Call, shady, lady, shady lady
      Price: $59.99
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      Item #: MD-346 -

        The Shady Lady box call is constructed right here in the USA of the finest material available. The box body is constructed of furniture grade mahogany, CNC machined with the highest tolerances to produce the best turkey talk time and time again. Topped with the forever popular Purple Heart paddle, this combination is 100-percent custom. Hand tuned at our factory here in the Midwest, this call produces the most realistic yelps starting out with that nasally high pitch and ending with an old hen...

        MAD® Spring Turkey Arsenal - Combo Kit Flambeau, flambo, flambu, spring turkey arsenal, turkey hunting, turkey, pot calls, acoustic pot, resonator, striker, glass striker, gifts for a hunter, gifts for dad, gifts for guys,
        Price: $58.99
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        Item #: MD-395 -

          This all-inclusive starter pack is designed to make sure new recruits to the obsession put their best spur forward. Includes signature MAD calls of the four most popular styles—pot call, box call, mouth call, and locator call. Includes: MD-379 MAD Boom Box Call MD-331 MAD Super Slate Pot Call MD-111 MAD "Shipp" Wreck 2 Diaphragm Call MD-410 Crow Call

          MAD® "Boom Box" Box Call turkey call, turkey calls, box, box call, box calls, turkey box call, turkey box calls, boom box, boom, boom box box call
          Price: $22.78
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          Item #: MD-379 -

            Down and dirty as it gets, this box call is as simple yet as good of quality as you will find. This "Made in America" box call has a one-piece polar box topped with a cherry paddle assembled and hand tuned right here in the good ol' U.S.A. The Boom Box creates great yelps, cutts, clucks and purrs, making it an instant classic. You won't find a better value. MAD® "Be a MAD Man." Pure turkey yelps, cutts, clucks and purrs Compact design yields portability yet...

            MAD® Box Call Kit turkey call, turkey calls, box, box call, box calls, turkey box call, turkey box calls, box call kit, kit
            Price: $17.07
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            Item #: MD-380 -

              If you build it... they will come! The Box Call Kit allows you to harvest a long beard will a call they you assembled and tuned yourself!

              MAD® Tricot Fanny Pack hunting, hunting gear, gear, waterfowl gear, Fanny Pack, Fanny, Deer, Hunting, MAD, compartment, waist, single, gear bag, field bag
              Price: $12.50
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              Item #: MD-930BU -

                MAD's single compartment fanny pack is perfect for any type of hunting that requires a little extra quick-access gear storage. Single compartment storage Soft, noise-free Tricot fabric Water-resistant Adjustable one-size-fits-all waistband Mossy Oak® Break-Up® camo

                MAD® Super Aluminator™ Pot Call "Super Aluminator", super aluminator ,turkey, turkey calls, calls, mad, aluminum, aluminum pot call
                Price: $23.17
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                Item #: MD-300 -

                  Back by popular demand—the first ever high frequency friction turkey call. MAD developed this call in 1997 and it took the country by storm. Copied by most but never duplicated, this strategically designed pot with the correct grade of aluminum is arguably the best friction call of all time. Special blended polymers combined with aircraft-grade 6061 T-6 aluminum drives the gobblers wild. Tested at the Missouri University of Columbia, this call surpassed 15,000 hertz—exceeding that...

                  MAD® Super Slate Pot Call mad, turley call, turkey call, turkey, slate, slate call, slate turkey call, mad super slate
                  Price: $21.99
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                  Item #: MD-331 -

                    The MAD® Super Slate Pot call features a piece of hand cut Pennsylvania slate housed in our famous 300 series acoustic pot. User friendly, this call produces awesome clucks and purrs as well as the yelping of an old boss hen. Complete with a MAD hickory striker this call is the next best thing in a tried and true series of MAD pot calls. MAD® "Be A MAD Man." Hand-cut Pennsylvania slate Acoustic pot Hickory striker Made in the U.S.A. ...

                    MAD® Glassinator Pot Call glassinator, turkey call, pot call, pot calls,MAD glasinator,"MAD","Glassinator",mad
                    Price: $14.99
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                    Item #: MD-390 -

                      MAD® is excited to offer the "Glassinator " pot call. Based on the name, this call is a glass pot call with our "Resin Rod" striker. This striker will run on anything, especially glass—even when wet. Unlike our crystal call surfaces, glass is more easily conditioned. The glass is housed in our famous 300 series pot with no soundboard, resulting in clear, high frequency raspy calling. The Glassinator is an easy-to-run call that will have you calling like a master...

                      MAD® Resinator Striker "Resinator Striker", pot call striker, striker, resin striker,mad
                      Price: $6.49
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                      Item #: MD-321 -

                        The Resin Rod Striker is a new resin blend that will make any friction turkey call scream. Its dense composition allows it to pull those MAD® high-pitched, high-frequency turkey vocals out of every known turkey call surface used today. Waterproof on most surfaces, with practice this striker will create yelps, clucks, cuts, purrs and even kee kee's. The Resin Rod Striker should be a staple for every turkey hunter's repertoire. "MAD® Be A MAD Man." Proprietary resin...

                        MAD® R.I.P Yelper mad, mad rip yelper,r.i.p,turkey calls, turkey, MAD, pump turkey call, turkey calls, turkey hunting
                        Price: $23.00
                        Availability: Out of Stock
                        Item #: MD-398 -

                          The MAD R.I.P. Yelper is the next level of innovation in mouth calling technology. Designed by 2x Grand National Champion Ricky Joe Bishop, the R.I.P. Yelper utilizes a unique integrated mouth call design. Built on a small frame by Ricky himself, he has developed a special layering of latex not used in traditional mouth call diaphragms. Utilizing pumped air to activate the diaphragm, one can achieve mouth call sounds without putting a call in your mouth. Lots of turkey hunters cannot use a...