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The little brother of the Premium version, the MAD® Double Standard allows the self-professed box call aficionado to use both pot and box calling styles with one call. A classic poplar box featuring a walnut paddle offers the most convincing high-pitched hen talk while a resin strip on the bottom of the call creates the gentlest of mellow clucks and soft tree purrs to keep toms excited. The best of both worlds. With the striker housed in the box for easy access, the versatility is effortless and deadly.

  • Box and pot call combined into one call
  • Wide range of vocalizations
  • Perfect high-pitched yelps and cutts
  • Extreme volume for locating distant birds
  • Mellow clucks, purrs and soft tree calls with the pot call resin strip
  • Poplar box
  • Walnut paddle
  • Hickory striker
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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