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A bottomland inspired chatterbox with a liquid rolling feed call for when the big bet must hit the jackpot.

A Lohman® throwback to the days of an oversized "cob" barrel coupled with a single-reed Arkansas style J-frame keg for a flooded river bottom renaissance call. The thick-walled polycarbonate design specializes in chuckles and feed calls with hard smacks at lightning speed. With a controlled touch of rasp and a higher pitch ceiling, the Bottom Dollar is the ace on your lanyard for the big ante that brings whistling wings to fold—the Lohman "Real Sound".

  • Single-reed
  • Feed and chuckle specialty speed call
  • Sharp, semi-raspy quacks
  • Mossy Oak™ Bottomland camo finish
  • Proudly hand-tuned and made in the U.S.A.

The Lohman® name has been synonymous with Real Sound since 1937. Featuring authentic, rich tones, and a rugged construction of unique designs for callers of all skill levels, these user friendly calls are among the most recognized game calls in the industry.

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