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Interior Foam Tray Dimensions: 44.5" L x 15.3" W x 3.55" D (See Detailed Measurement Specs Images)

Exterior Case Dimensions: 48.5" L x 20.25" W x 7" D

An advanced strapless tray foam set design with a seperate arrow/loaded quiver storage chamber makes the lightweight A.F.S. case the premier, hassle-free storage option for archers who demand the highest level of protection for today's bows.

  • Fits (1) compound bow
  • Two-level strapless storage system with removable foam tray
  • (6) arrow storage chamber (foam stop fo protecting attached broadheads) with section for a loaded quiver
  • Rugged polymer construction
  • Lightweight
  • (4) lock hasps
  • (4) latches
  • Integrated handle
  • Interior support columns for crush resistance
  • Built-in 3 and 4 blade broadhead wrenches
  • Fits most modern compound bows
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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