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NWTF Grand National Calling Champion Billy Yargus's ultimate diaphragm call arsenal for finishing spring gobblers.

    Includes (3) calls:

  • The (MD-173) "Cut-N Touch": A light triple reed cutter call constructed of two .0003 thick latex reeds with a heavy .0004 reed on top. Billy adds half of an inverted V cut to finish it off. Easy to blow and requiring little air pressure for creating sharp clucks, cuts and cackles, this call gets every turkey's attention.
  • The (MD-172) "Soft Touch": A double reed inverted V call with the corners knocked off to soften it up. This call is perfect for the "soft" talk needed to begin luring gobblers in but easily switches back to aggressive yelping with the help of a thicker top reed.
  • The (MD-170) "Deadly Touch": Made up of 3 pieces of latex with the ever deadly inverted V cut, this call is stretched tight with a heavier top reed for those hard-hitting yelps and then irresistible soft purrs and clucks for drawing a gobbler in for the few final yards.
  • Hand-made in the U.S.A. by 3x NWTF Grand National Calling Champion Billy Yargus
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