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Limited echo, close-talkin' hybrid.

A Louisiana-style acrylic hybrid for giving ducks a pinpoint on your spread when seeking thermal advantage from a storm front in echoing timber brakes. Inspired by the hunting situations prevalent along the "Big River" banks, this soft, articulate finisher produces limited echoes for close-talkin' circling mallards. The mellow, ducky quacks delivered at a low pitch from the acrylic keg drops orange landing gear with sincerity.

  • Double-reed
  • Acrylic keg and polycarbonate mouthpiece hybrid
  • Mellow, raspy finisher with a soft tone for controlled calling in timber
  • Proudly hand-tuned in the U.S.A.

Big River® calls hail from a rich waterfowl heritage of custom Mississippi Alluvial Valley craftsmanship. Specializing in hand-tuned premium calls, the Big River line features classic and contemporary designs tailored in the tradition of characteristic quality and constitution.

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