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A waterproof push button type yelper designed with high frequency calling in mind to cut those adverse conditions. Realistic hen talk gobblers cannot resist! The R.I. P. Stroker is a friction style push button turkey call. Internally, the call utilizes a slate striking surface yielding very realistic turkey sounds. The R.I.P. Stroker features an adjustable tension and locking mechanism allowing the hunter that ability to vary the tone of the call and silence the call when traveling. Newly designed clip barrel mount results in quick attachment or removal of the call from your shotgun. With one handed operation, this call is extremely easy to use and will be a favorite among many turkey hunters. MAD® "Be a MAD Man."

  • High-frequency push button call
  • Slate striking surface
  • Adjustable spring tension for variable tone
  • Waterproof
  • Silent carry
  • Includes optional shotgun barrel mount, straps and pull string
Price: $23.00

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