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The MAD Bang Box is a continuation of the Boom Box style box call in a mini long-box configuration. Constructed of American hardwoods, the solid poplar body with a cherry lid allows the user to really bang out the notes. This call produces some of the nicest hen talk achievable. The longer box and handle have more striking surface for a larger range of vocalizations and the longer, narrower frame allows for louder high pitched yelps, cutts and cackles that go the distance. Made here in the good ol' USA, this call does a bang up job! MAD® "Be a MAD Man."

  • Narrow frame for louder, high-pitched ol' hen yelps, cutts and cackles
  • Long box handle adds comfort and sound clarity
  • One-piece poplar box topped with a cherry paddle
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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