To the human eye most decoys look realistically painted but birds don't see with human eyes.


Birds can see ultraviolet light (UV), which is invisible to humans.

How does the eye see color?

The Retinas of humans and waterfowl both contain cones which translate parts of the light spectrum into primary colors.

The human eye contains three types of cones, each responding to a different part of the spectrum, making up our three primary colors red, green and blue .

Waterfowl have cones tuned for similar parts of the spectrum as humans plus a forth cone which responds to UV light. 

Experienced waterfowl hunters know the value of realism with their decoys, but birds have an advantage over hunters with their UV vision. Birds can learn a "threat response" from decoys that don’t have the proper UV signature.


Patented UVision technology replicates the UV reflection of live waterfowl plumage.  Incoming birds can no longer tell the difference between the colors on a Flambeau decoy and a live bird.


Make sure your decoys have correct color with UVisionTM Paint Technology.