Zack Rednour - Middlefield, OH


Zack holds the position of Field Sales and Marketing Manager at Flambeau Outdoors. Determination, a strong work ethic, and a true passion of the outdoors is the key to his success. He spends a majority of his time working to grow the Flambeau brand, implementing effective marketing strategies that ultimately putting more game in our customers' bag day in and day out. When not in the office or the road marketing Flambeau's extensive product line, he is in the field hunting and studying waterfowl and working on the development of Flambeau line of products. Zack chases waterfowl through out the country from mallards in the massive wheat and barely fields of North Dakota to canada's, white-front's, and snows in luscious cornfields of southern Illinois. Throughout the season Zack also enjoys hunting with outdoor writers, customers, and friends. Although, the opportunity only presents itself a few weeks out of the year, his favorite days of the year are spend in a pit or a blind with his father Tom, and brothers Tyler and Logan. Zack also spends many days afield in and out of the season capturing still photography using Flambeau products. Zack holds numerous titles and top finishes in the competitive goose calling circuit. However, a 3rd place finish in the World Open Goose Calling Competition in 2003 is his greatest achievement in the realm of the calling contest world? I was so close to becoming a World Champion, he says! Zack was a professional waterfowl hunting guide from 2000 until 2008 at Gander Hill Goose Club located in Southern Illinois. Southern Illinois holds some of the great waterfowl hunting available, but also has some of the most pressured birds in the country. Hunting difficult late season birds in the pits of Illinois has made Zack the accomplished hunter and professional he is today.