Jim Hutchison - Mulberry, KS


As a young boy I grew up and learned to fish strip pits that were everywhere you looked here. Hunting was its best. In the 50 years I learned how to hunt each species and knew where to go. Mastering the mouth call for turkeys was a challenge but, it wasn’t impossible, if you practice.

Deer hunting was at it’s best, bow hunting was my love. Patience is what you have to have and some people don’t have it. For me, Predator hunting is exciting, not knowing what will come in to you. Over the years I never knew where all this would lead me. I learned to fish with the big boys, winning an Invitational with Mid Am Pro Bass in 1982 against Guido Hibdon, Chet Dought, and others. I didn’t know it would lead me to Lohman’s, when I first started out. I met and associate of theirs at a deer seminar. In 1996 , is where it all started. And through the years I guided a lot of their people as well as being in several of their hunting videos, Deer, Turkey, and Predator Instructional tapes. As well as being on TV. And now I am with Flambeau which I am proud of as well. Because of their organization I look forward to building their reputation even more.