Corey Murphy - Warsaw, MN


Corey was born in Oklahoma and raised in the great state of Minnesota, near the Faribault area. At the early age of 12, his father took him on his first duck hunt where his passion for the water fowling world was born. Throughout the last 17 years of hunting, his love of hunting has only grown. Corey is founder/chairman of a local Delta Waterfowl chapter, and tries to promote nesting success while introducing youth to the world of water fowling. Corey enjoys volunteering for Delta, hiding in a ground blind chasing honkers or spring turkeys, freezing in a tree stand bow in hand, or training at the lake with his yellow lab "Mo". Corey says out of all the products Flambeau has his favorite would have to be the Storm Front Mallards. "The Storm Fronts are just the most durable, color correct decoys on the market, and they are the only decoy I have found that can put up with the abuse we throw at them day in and day out."