MAD® R.I.P Growl

MAD® R.I.P Growl

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About the MAD® R.I.P Growl

MAD® is proud to present the new MAD RIP Growl. MAD has continued to be a leader in whitetail vocalizations and deer call innovation. Copied by all but duplicated by none, the new MAD RIP Growl is no exception; based on the natural nasal/vocal make-up of a whitetail deer we have produced yet another call that will emit the most realistic and natural whitetail vocals. There is no other call on the market that combines a reflective nasal and vocal cavity that will process the volume of air of an actual whitetail deer. From the simple basic grunt to the newly discovered Growl, this call with its patented technology will do it all. Combined with over-molding technology this call has the ability to also emit doe and fawn vocals. Coupled with a removable snort-wheeze, this call is the last word in calling whitetails.