MD-515S Bonus Buck Growl and Snort-Wheeze Deer Call Pack

MAD® Buck Growl® W/ Bonus Snort-Wheeze

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About the MAD® Buck Growl® W/ Bonus Snort-Wheeze

One call has defined success for the past 4 deer hunting seasons, MAD's Buck Growl. The Buck Growl is the ORIGINAL CALL designed to duplicate a new deer vocalization discovered by MAD's Mark Drury. MAD is including a Snort-Wheeze Call and Double Lanyard with each Buck Growl. The unique sound: Whitetail bucks sometimes get so emotional and so intense their grunts turn to a rapid succession of deep vocalizations. The sound is made when a buck is in the presence of a "hot" doe. Use of the Buck Growl has proven deadly in and around the rut cycle as other trolling or cruising bucks approach the sound to investigate the potential presence of an estrus doe.


• Dual-Tube System • Removable Rubber cone • Double Lanyard • Instructional DVD

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