MD-286 Masters Triple Threat

MAD® Masters Triple Threat

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About the MAD® Masters Triple Threat

Designed and built by World Champion Mark Drury and Grand National Champions Billy Yargus and Matt Van Cise, each of these calls are hand crafted and tested for perfection. This Triple Treat includes Mark Drury's MAD Man Cutter 2.5 reed cutter call and Mark's day in and day out favorite; Billy Yargus's Soft Touch a 2 reed inverted-V cut wich Billy likes to use when turkey's get tough; and Matt Van Cises Precision Plus 3.5 reed inverted-V cut that produces a vast array of turkey talk, has great volume, and is what Matt uses to get turkeys fired up year round.


• MAD Man Cutter 2.5 reed cutter call • PreCision Plus 3.5 reed call with cutter .5 inverted "V" • Soft Touch 2 reed call

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