MD-285 Mark Drury

Mark Drury's MAD® Man Cutter

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About the Mark Drury's MAD® Man Cutter

The MAD MAN Cutter is 6-Time world Champion Turkey Caller Mark Drury's Favorite cut! Designed by Mark and hand built by Grand National Champion Billy Yargus, this call is the Best of the Best. The MAD Man Cutter is a 2.5 reed inverted V cutter call that has the capability of combining the sweet yelp of a cutter call with the raspiness of a "V" cut call. This very universal call has the ability to produce soft clucks and purr, yet cutts like crazy when you need to be aggressive.


• 2.5 reed cutter call with a .5 invert cut • Designed by Mark Drury and built by Billy Yargus

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