MD-2010 Gobbler Max Turkey Choke Tube

MAD® Gobbler Max - 20 Ga. Turkey Choke Tubes

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Item#: MD-2010


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Item Option
  • MD-2010
    Browning Invector / Winchester / Mossberg 500 & 9200 / H&R / Weatherby / SKB / Thompson Center, 20,.560
  • MD-2030
    Benelli Cryo Plus / Benelli M2,20,.560
  • MD-2025
    Browning Invector Plus,20,.560
  • MD-2020
    Berretta / Benelli Mobile,20,.560

About the MAD® Gobbler Max - 20 Ga. Turkey Choke Tubes

Designed in partnership with Indian Creek Shooting Systems (winner of multiple World Championships and World Records). MAD's Gobbler Max combines a patented port design, the technology of Indian Creek and the experts at MAD. These chokes deliver pattern density able to win shooting championships, but more importantly these chokes do what they are supposed to do-put the smack down on Ol' Tom.


Lead, steel and high density shot compatable. 20 Gauge, .560 constriction. Compatible with Browning Invector, Winchester, Mossberg 500 & Bantum, Traditions, H&R, Weatherby, SKB, Thompson Center.

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