MD-172 Soft Touch

MAD® Billy Yargus - Soft Touch

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About the MAD® Billy Yargus - Soft Touch

The Touch Series, a brand new line of diaphragm calls from MAD®, is the first family of diaphragm calls to be designed and produced by a Grand National Champion. Yep, that's right, Grand National Champion Billy Yargus hand cuts and tunes every piece of latex. Rest assured that each and every call that is delivered by MAD will be of the finest quality and ready to bring those big strutting toms into range. Whether you're a novice or professional, prefer a cutter call or an ole raspy yelper, you can find a call in the Touch Series that meets your individual preference.


Double reed design. Great for coaxing Toms those last few yards. Requires little air pressure yet produces aggressive yelps and cutts.

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