BR491 Sweet Cherry

Big River Calls® Sweet Cherry™

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About the Big River Calls® Sweet Cherry™

The Sweet Cherry is a great little timber call. Very subtle, yet raspy this call is straight duck. Great for any type of close in calling. A favorite of the Flambeau team...


Cherry wood call. Brass insert holds tone channel and wedge and prevents splitting. Easy to run double reed produces mellow sound with very little air.

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December 23, 2011 11:12:24 am

Guest User

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this call is sweet for real and i recommend this call to anyone because it never sticks and i have compared it to some higher end calls such as duck commander calls and haydels and they might be sharper but this call has worked better for me than any other call. not that sharp but raspy and sweet on the notes it is low but can get high without whining. great call for new hunters and good for the experienced. good timber call
Yes, I recommend this product.