9001FBU Full Body Snow Goose Feeder Pack

Stormfront™ Full Body Snow Goose - Feeder Pack

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About the Stormfront™ Full Body Snow Goose - Feeder Pack

Storm Front Snow Goose Full Bodies are slightly oversized at 24" giving you some real drawing power. The Storm Front Snow with UVision Paint Technology, a smooth motion system, and some great detail are without a doubt the most effective snow goose decoys on the market. Everyone knows that the white on a snow reflects the most UV light of all geese making UVision Technology extremely effective. Motion is also key with snow geese and that is where the motion base becomes a major advantage. Includes (2) Long Right Feeders, (2) Short Left Feeders, and (2) Straight Feeders.


Includes (2) long feeding flocked, (2) short feeding left flocked and (2) straight feeding flocked heads. Includes 6 motion/fixed bases.

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