9000FBU Full Body Snow Goose Active Pack

Stormfront™ Full Body Snow Goose - Active Pack

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About the Stormfront™ Full Body Snow Goose - Active Pack

Storm Front Snow Goose Full Bodies are slightly oversized at 24" giving you some real drawing power. The Storm Front Snow with UVision Paint Technology, a smooth motion system, and some great detail are without a doubt the most effective snow goose decoys on the market. Everyone knows that the white on a snow reflects the most UV light of all geese making UVision Technology extremely effective. Motion is also key with snow geese and that is where the motion base becomes a major advantage. Includes (2) Semi-Active and (2) Semi-Feeding positions.


Includes (2) semi-active flocked and (2) semi-feeding flocked heads. Includes 4 motion/fixed bases.

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