8994FBU Full Body Canada Goose Active Pack

Stormfront™ Full Body Canada Goose - Active Pack

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Item#: 8994FBU



About the Stormfront™ Full Body Canada Goose - Active Pack

Storm Front Canada Honkers consist of some of the most natural and innovative body postures and positions ever offered. Carved by World Champion carver Richard Smoker, the Active Pack includes (1) Active Walker, (1) Sentry, (1) Semi-Active, and (1) Semi-Feeder. Featuring flocked heads, UVision Paint, and an ultra smooth (lockable) motion base, you won't find a more universal lineup of decoys on the market! At 24" in length, these decoys are portable yet "real" goose size! Flambeau's proprietary polymer blend yields a tough "battleship" feel ready for years of abuse.


The Full Body Canada active pack includes (1) active walker, (1) sentry flocked, (1) semi-active flocked, (1) semi-feeding flocked. Includes 4 motion/fixed bases.

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