Stormfront™ Full Body Mallard

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About the Stormfront™ Full Body Mallard

Flambeau Storm Front Full Body Mallard Duck Decoys will help you be more successful in the field. This full-body decoy is oversized and features winter plumage for maximum visibility in field situations. The rotating heads on the Storm Front decoys allow you to add versatility to your spread. A revolutionary motion stake allows you to set the decoy for up to 40 degrees of rotation or lock it in a fixed position on extremely windy days.


6 Decoys Per Carton. 4 Body Styles Per Carton: (1) Full Body Active Hen, (1) Full Body Feeder Hen, (2) Full Body Feeder Drakes and (2) Full Body Active Drakes. Only Drakes Come With Flocked Heads. Full Body 18" Each decoy is created using UVision paint. UVision is the only paint system in the world that matches the reflectance of feathers in the full range of light visible to birds, including ultraviolet (UV). Flambeau decoys are now the only decoys available with colors that look correct to birds. Order now and plan for a successful hunt.

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