8016SDU Classic Blue Wing Teal

Stromfront™ Classic Blue Winged Teal

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About the Stromfront™ Classic Blue Winged Teal

Carved by National Award winning carver Tom Christie, these New Storm Front Blue Wings are the most natural looking teal ever to hit the market. These teal look so real hunting blue-wings in September is like shooting fish in a barrel. Every box includes (2) Active Drakes, (2) Skimmer Drakes, (1) Dabbler Hen, and (1) Rester Hen. An innovative keel design includes center tie points allowing for added motion on light wind days. Depth adjusting eyelet allows hunters to change water depths without excess decoy line. Secure strap weight location ensures an easy setup and teardown. The paint schemes were also developed utilizing Patent Pending UVision Technology matching the reflectance of real feathers in the full range of light visible to waterfowl, including Ultra-Violet.


Weighted Keel. Classic 10.5". Includes (2) active drakes, (2) skimmer drakes, (1) resting hen and (1) dabbler hen.

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