Master Series™ Flocked Boss Buck™

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About the Master Series™ Flocked Boss Buck™

There are many benefits of flocking, but the unbelievable realism is certainly numero uno! This decoy looks so real that Flambeau is encouraging hunters to be extremely cautious while positioning of these decoys as fellow hunters may easily be fooled into firing upon the Boss. Flambeau pulled out all of the stops with their introduction of the Boss Buck in 2007. A championship quality carving and a perfect paint job has yielded success for hunters across North America! Flambeau feels they have stepped the bar up once again with the new Flocked Boss Buck. The Flocked Boss Buck includes all of the features of the original Boss Buck, such as the cap-lock leg attachment system, but is flocked and then painted to create the most life-like appearance available. The flocking detail yields the appearance of real hide and the texture it adds can only truly be appreciated when you view the decoy yourself. Another great feature of the flocking is quieter transport to and from your stand site, a feature critical for any bowhunter. Decoying mature whitetails has been a tactic used by many veteran hunters for years and is now becoming even more popular. Over the last several years, whitetail hunters have fallen in love with rut crazed bucks attacking their deer decoys and who can blame them? Watching a buck, completely fooled, side-step in madder than a hornet spear your decoy is one of the most intense moments of any hunter's life. The Flocked Boss Buck is without a doubt the latest and greatest innovation in the decoy world and will lead to even more success afield. The Flocked Boss Buck is a must have for any deer hunter looking to have an edge on both whitetails and neighboring hunters.


Featuring all the perks of the original Boss Buck, but flocked which gives this decoy a fur like texture and appearence. Flocking reduces noise during transport and setup.

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One great Decoy!!

April 2, 2012 09:04:57 pm

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I have been using Flambeau Decoys since 1996, with the original Redi-Doe. Since they came out with the Boss Buck, my hunting experiences have been unbelievable! By placing the Boss Buck in an area that has a good buck to doe ratio will certainly entice any mature buck to confront your decoy and offer you a shot at an unsuspecting, rut crazed deer. I own (2) Boss Bucks, (2) feeding decoys and (2) Boss babes in my arsenal because I hunt in various locations and believe in their products. They are the best on the market and If you do spend the money, it will be worth every penny. John B.
Yes, I recommend this product.