Masters Series™ Boss Babe™

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About the Masters Series™ Boss Babe™

Amazing realism created by award winning sculptor Chris Schiller. Limbs, head, and ears break down quickly and can be stored inside the body cavity for easy transport. Secure plug provided for the head hole so that parts do not fall out during transport. Secure leg attachment system features a large diameter screw cap to lock down each leg from inside the body. Features two separate sets of ears to change the attitude of the decoy. One set simulates an alert doe and one set is relaxed to simulate a submissive doe. Rear leg designed to accept scent pads. Front leg designed to accept MD-519 Invisi-Growl Electronic Deer Call


All parts fit in body cavity for easy transport. The preferred Decoy of Trophy Whitetail Hunters.

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4 / 5

Looking forward to this fall!

February 28, 2013 10:02:06 am

Guest User

From: Undefined location
Pros: Very convincing, easy to assemble and break down, light for it's size, well though out attachments, versatility in positions (can leave off legs for bedded doe)flocking add even more realism and reduces glare. Cons/suggestions: Can be noisy during set-up. Head is a little hard to take on and off. No premade attachments for a moving tail or tail wagger. Would love to see a decoy that had a head bobber and has the ears twitch. Overall, pleased with the product and I cannot wait to try it out this fall. I am sure the results will be entertaining regardless of the outcome.
Yes, I recommend this product.