5960HS Masters Series Jester Half Strut FLOCKED Turkey Decoy

Master Series™ Flocked Jester Half Strut Turkey Decoy

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About the Master Series™ Flocked Jester Half Strut Turkey Decoy

The Flocked Jester Half Strut is a new breed of decoy. For years the full strut decoys have infiltrated the market and are enormously successful in the field. However, the one drawback to full strut decoys is that, at times, they will be too aggressive and actually turn sub-dominate turkeys the other way. The Jester is less aggressive and is much more effective on those subdominate birds, while having the same drawing power on dominate birds. The Jester includes grommets allowing the user to install real wings and a real beard. Decoy also includes a green-tail clamp which also allows the user to take a green fan tail, place it into the clamp, and allow it to dry for a form fit.


Size 27" high(ground to tail) Semi-dominate posture ol' long beards will not tolerate. Semi-dominate posture does not intimidate 2 year old turkeys yet entices them to prove their dominance. Durable, lightweight and collapsible FLOCKED foam construction yields portability and realism. Flocking eliminates decoy shine and creates the illusion of real feathers.

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