Master Series™ King Strut

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About the Master Series™ King Strut

King Strut Turkey Decoy is the most portable, realistic and hunter friendly full strut decoy on the market. Fold up the strutter, toss it in the back of your vest and don't worry about it until you arrive at your hunting location. The King has a head molded from a real "freezed dried" gobbler's head to exactly replicate a true gobbler. The King also includes grommets allowing you to add real wings and a beard. An easy little money clip design in the rear of the decoy allows you to quickly add a real tail fan.


Size 32" high (ground to tail). Masters Series Realistic Head, durable, collapsible body, portable-50% lighter than competition. Includes a 20 min instructional DVD featuring Mark Drury and many exciting hunts, a photo realistic cloth tail fan, synthetic beard, stake, blaze orange carry bag, and real tail fan holder. Unique two-piece folding stake with metal tips pierces hard ground and allows movement in breeze. Tail fan holder allows you to utilize a cured or "green" tail.