T5 Multiloader™

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About the T5 Multiloader™

The newest generation of tackle management, the Multiloader series is the newest innovation from Flambeau in tackle storage, this beast will send you to your favorite tackle store to buy more tackle to fill her up. Flip top lid offers 6 quick access storage compartments, soft-touch over molded handle, includes 6 line dispensing ports, easy view impact resistant lid and front access door, 7 tuff tainers, ample open storage compartment for larger tackle storage need top loading (2) 5007 and (1) 3009 tuff tainer, front loading (2) 4007, (2)1002 tuff tainers and (1) 00220 spinner bait tuff tainer


Size 17.5 x 12.5 x 11 Flip top lid yields quick access to 7 tackle storage compartments. Includes 6 unique line dispensing ports. Spinnerbait storage in main top compartment. Easy view, impact resistant lid and front access doors. Open storage can hold the most popular liquid filled bait containers. Includes (2) 5004, (2) 4006, (1) 2003 Tuff 'Tainersand (1) 00220 Spinner Box

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T5 multiloader

June 23, 2011 02:06:08 pm

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I was given the T5 for a birthday gift last year. What a great box I use it as my around town box it holds a mega~ton of baits and supplies. Pretty much anything needed for a fantastic fishing trip. So much more usable and affordable than plano boxes! I have used both brands and for the $$ and the durability I have used and bought only FLAMBEAU for over 5 years now. The Zerust is amazing no more rusted or broken baits.... I will get more Flambeau Zerust products for my things... Need a soft side bag now to keep a bass selection in. Thank~you folks at flambeau ...I'll be back...
Yes, I recommend this product.