3936TW L-CC Blue Ribbon Twin Fly Box w/VFF

Small Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof "Twins" Fly Box

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Item#: 3936TW



About the Small Blue Ribbon™ Waterproof "Twins" Fly Box

3936TW BLUE RIB TWIN FLY BOX L-VFF Flambeau's Blue Ribbon Twin Fly Boxes were designed to offer twice the fly storage space using the patent pending Vertical Friction Foam (VFF) technology consisting of rows of vertically slit foam that securely holds flies between the pads using friction without allowing the hook to pierce the foam. Each precision fit fly box features a 360 degree rubber gasket on each side. Holds up to 160 flies.


Size 5 x 3.75 x 1.625 Blue Ribbon Waterproof Twins off twice the space with VFF storage on both sides. Double-sided with translucent lid. Holds 160 flies.

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